The Top 5 Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

Hey, guys if you are a beginner going to the gym constantly for better personal health and not oriented towards your fitness goal?

Don’t waste your time NO more.

Here are the top 5 fitness mistake beginner made that impeded your growth and stagnated your strength. Below we are going to discuss some measures that I want you to avoid and skip over so you can get right to the gains. So, you can start putting on the muscle and the size that you want.

If that sounds interesting let’s hop into it.

1. Not Focusing On Diet

When you are just a young lad and you’re starting out you really think that the only way to pack on muscle is by putting on more weight. This is where all the ego lifting happens but what you fail to realize is that if you really want that healthy physique that athletic body what you consume is probably the most important. 80% of your importance has to go into your diet.

Your diet will not only reflect on your body and how you’re gonna look, but it’s also good for your health. A balanced diet reflects on your energy drive, skin, and mental health too. Your body is a legit representation of what you consume. Not focusing on your diet is probably the one thing that’s stopping you from either losing fat or gaining muscle.

2. Ego lifting

There are a lot of alpha males that try to outfit each other and give two craps about proper form while working out. So, most of the time beginner glorifies the higher number. Mostly you try to lift heavy to show how cool you are and had to prove your egos to the rest of the alpha males in the room.

Well, you will be hitting the PR (Personal Record) and lifting the weight but as you will not know the correct form so you got injured at the end. Heavy lifting is a mistake when you don’t know the proper form yet. You will be dealing with the injury for the rest of your life. You will feel that pain and discomfort for a long time which will delay you to reach your goals. So don’t do the dumb ego lifting, it’s not worth it.

3. Not Understanding Time Under Tension

If you’re lifting too heavy, you weren’t controlling the weight because you could not actually control that amount of weight. Then your only goal will be to move that weight which will cause you injury. You will also be removing the effectiveness of the workout because you can’t keep it under control.

See time under tension is the amount of time that you keep your muscles under a certain load. In other words, slow and controlled is the game which makes your muscle work harder built-up the endurance, strength, and performance overall.

4. Overloading On Protein

Don’t be that idiot eating too much protein than you required in a day. You will feel super bloated at the end of the night. Most people think that supplements are secret sauce borderline steroids. But when in reality supplements are just that they’re supposed to supplement your diet not actually become your diet.

Track the number of macros you will realize the amount of protein that you are consuming. If the number is below your protein requirement then only use supplements or push protein to enrich foods. Most of the time if you are taking a balanced diet you will be getting enough protein all-natural that you need to build muscle.

5. Training Only Upper Body

When you’re a noob in the gym you like the sick pump that you get immediately when you hit the upper body. You like what you see in the mirror and therefore you will get that instant gratification. That’s what motivates you to keep going so what do you do since legs don’t give you the pump that you want. As a result, you continue to just work the upper body.

But you know anything in life those that can delay gratification win because those chicken legs that you have are the weak foundation. But as soon as you will hit your legs, you will realize that you’re giving your body a balanced physique.


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