How does alcohol affect fitness goals?

I guess everybody drinks. Some drink within limits and some are out of limit. Everyone drinks in a different way. So, definitely, it’s good for some people and also bad for them but this article is not to tell you the drawback of it. You guys already know that liquor is harmful or not.

I am talking about those who want to build muscle, drop fat, and weight loss. How harmful is the liquor for them, this is the topic I am going to cover here.

Firstly, we all know that liquor has empty calories which means it doesn’t have any nutrition. So, your body converts those empty calories into fat because it goes into your bloodstream. It spikes your blood sugar, insulin resistance which causes Diabetes.

But definitely, people who have muscle building and fat loss goals then it’s harmful to them.

If you drink in limit means if you drink once a week or once in two weeks then it’s not harmful. In fact, it’s not harmful to anyone if S/He drinks within limitation. Once in a while for fun NO problem at all. But if you are drinking every day, every other day, or 3-4 times a week then it’s obviously harmful to you.

Let me tell you when you drink liquor- alcohol goes in your body, your body won’t get recovered for the next 3-4 days. When your body recovers in 3-4 days and you drink again then what actually happens is that if you are drinking every 4th day you are postponing your muscle building and fat loss process. So, your results are delayed.

If you are drinking every 3-4 days your results won’t come, it’s been delaying !!!

And if you are drinking once a week or once in two weeks then obviously when your body recovers from the liquor your body starts the muscle building and fat loss process. Also, liquor dehydrates your body. When you wake up in the morning lot of people feel a hangover and headache, the reason is dehydration. Because you are drinking less water during alcohol intake
for which your body gets dehydrated, which is the worst thing you could do. That’s pretty harmful to your body RIGHT ?!

Also, too much alcohol decreases sex drive causes your testosterone to dropdown. As a result, low testosterone means low sex drive. Drinking for too long time rapidly decreases your testosterone which is your number 1 hormone for muscle building and sex drive. So, when your testosterone is low you won’t be able to lose fat and poor sex drive.

People who drink a lot, definitely there testosterone is low. Women who drink a lot there female hormone estrogen will drop down also postponed the weight loss, fat loss goal. So. liquor harms your body goal and sex drive as well.

Now, I will tell you how can you enjoy drinking liquor and also achieve muscle building and fat loss goals.

Basically at first limitation- once a week, but don’t drink more than that. Monday to Friday do your exercise, follow your diet and choose one! Saturday night or Sunday night, to get drunk. But keep in mind drink 2 or 3 shots, not more than that ….right? So the limitation is 2-3 shots.

But you probably sit down for 4-5 hours for sure then drink slowly and make the gap between the shots. During those gaps drink plenty of water. After every shot makes sure you drink a half-liter of water. Water will help to flush out the liquor from your body when you to go the restroom you will pee out.

The next day you won’t get a headache and dehydrate too. When you drink 2 shots make sure you drink 1 liter of water. This is a rule of thumb !! REMEMBER IT !!! And your body flushes the toxins which you get from the alcohol. So, 2 shots a week is not harmful at all.


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