Let’s talk about the Trapezius Anatomy. You know trapezius means trap muscle above the collar bone. This muscle is a very deeper muscle.

A lot of people don’t know that the trapezius muscle is a very deeper muscle. It goes all the way down to mid-back. Traps are upper back and mid-back as well.

The unique exercise to build killer traps is Rope Shrugs.

You have done dumbbell shrugs, barbell shrugs, and plate shrugs but this is rope shrugs so you have to do it with the rope. Let’s check out the exercise first.

Firstly you need a rope. Your angle should be all the way down elbows straight and chest up and squeeze all the way up. You should do the same way you do with other shrugs with dumbbells or barbells. The difference is that your angle should be different your wrist should be away from the waist (make sure to have a six-inch gap). Then the tension will flow to the mid trap.

When you lift up make sure to squeeze hard. If you couldn’t able to squeeze it means you are using too much heavyweight. Do 3-4 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions for this exercise.

Let me give you a little more information.

Trap muscles are very deeper muscle but when you do barbell shrugs or dumbbell shrugs then you will only train the top main area of traps. Upper traps muscle is training more. Then after that, it’s mid traps and then lower traps. Lower traps are near the mid back area which means nearby lats (or scapula) mid of spine.

Now there are different exercises for all three muscles. A lot of people don’t train mid trap. They couldn’t develop trap muscles. So our rope exercise targeted both upper and middle traps. When you do dumbbell shrugs your back should be straight shoulder back should be back and you squeeze then you train the upper traps.

But the above-mentioned exercise Rope Shrugs we did with rope and our angle was different. Now, you know that the arm should be straight not dropped down then only tension will go to the mid back area. And from the waist area, you should be squeezing.

When you will be squeezing then you will be working on mid traps as well. You were engaging your mid traps by changing the angle with a different version. If you train at the angle in front of your chest then you can create tension right in the mid traps.

So, the tension depends upon which kind of angle you are using.

Whenever you do rows with dumbbells or machines then you will be training mid-back muscles around the spine. People often miss this muscle. By using rope shrugs you can train your weaker muscle. If you want sharp muscular and define traps muscle then add that exercise to your schedule.

After barbell shrugs and dumbbells, shrugs add one more exercise which is rope shrugs. Do three to four sets. You can lift medium or heavyweight by using rope and do 12-15 reps. Do this exercise slow and controlled. Don’t do it rapidly or drop you back. You should try that your elbows be straight in the entire form. When you bend your elbows then you are engaging shoulders and triceps. Then it reduces the tension of traps around 35% and the rest of the muscle will take over.

If you want 100% benefit from that muscle then you have to create 100% tension of the targeted muscle. That’s why you have to keep the elbows straight and squeeze hard. And make sure to not move the neck. You should lock your head, body, and entire spine. Use your arms and shoulders to squeeze it. If you are jerking then you are training other muscles as well.


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