At first, we should know what are the muscle anatomy that is present in our back so that we can train them properly. To get a balanced physique, you need to hit every muscle group of the body part that you train.

The thickness of your back adds to the overall impressiveness of your body !!

One of the main back muscles is the lats which are called “Latissimus Dorsi”. This is the muscle that is our wings and gives the physique a V-taper look. You should know that back is the biggest muscle in our body. The muscle around the spine is mid-back, upper back, and lower back. The upper back is the small muscle which is called “Rhomboids”.

Major exercise for the back is “Cable Latpulldown”

The overhand grip lat pulldown is for upper lats with that rhomboid and upper back as well. To which if you change the grip, underhand grip, you are hitting mostly lower lat. If you are using or have been using an overhand grip, your lower lats V-taper will be weak. So, you should change your grip for a better back to underhand. With an underhand grip, you will hit the lower lat.

Now, let me tell you about the new exercise which is a neutral grip !!

You should place your hand in the bar so that it’s neither overhand nor underhand, so it’s a neutral grip. What’s happening is that you are training upper and lower as well as all together.

Cable lat pulldown on the knee, with a different version. Lat muscle is responsible for the flexion from the extended position. When you wanna grab something or reach somewhere, your lat muscles function is to help and support your back to reach where ever you wanna reach.

Step by step guide to neutral grip “Latpulldown”

So, you have to do thin exercises on the knee instead of standing in the center of the machine. Make sure your grip is inward and elbow little outside. That’s why your rhomboid muscles will be training as well.

You have to squeeze the back muscles and contract them. When you squeeze back muscle it’s important to have a mind-muscle connection. So that you can get maximum blood into the muscle and use a full range of motion.

Do anywhere around 10 to 15 reps for 3-4 sets.

In this exercise muscle contraction is very important guys. You have to squeeze-contract the back muscles. You need to feel it. So, before the exercise, if you know which muscle you gonna train you will grow the muscle because you are making mind and muscle connection right?

You making muscle mind connection with the muscle and when you gonna contract you will feel the lat muscles. And engaging which is very important. Squeeze the muscle, contract the muscle for maximum growth. So, try this exercise.

If you are following any back exercise you can add this exercise if you want to grow a broader and bigger back. This is very good exercise for your lower lats, you can hit the lats. A lot of people have week lower lats that’s why this exercise focuses on the lower lat. So, use underhand grips to grow lower lats. Lower lat is for wings and for more V-taper. The more you know about the muscle more you can grow.

The back is very important to the muscle group so don’t skip guys. It’s always important to understand what muscle you are training. Your target muscle and function of the muscle are very important and how you can separate the muscle from another muscle group.

The exercises for wings are pull-ups and lat bar pulldown.

If your back is not board you should focus on the pull-ups. We have got a wide grip, narrow grip, upper handgrip, and lower handgrip for the wings training. Wings is a big muscle so you need to hit it with different variations.

The exercises for mid back are barbell row and T barrow.

The exercise for the lower back is the deadlift, rack pull, and hyperextension.


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