How To Grow Bigger Triceps?

As well all know triceps muscle anatomy- back and side triceps. Tricep has three muscles brachii: the lateral head, long head, and medial head.

The backside of the tricep is the long head of the triceps. The small muscle is the medial head of the triceps which is right under the long head. And the lateral head, which is outside the triceps. So, there are three muscles, lateral, long, and medial head.

Firstly, let me remind you that tricep muscle is 60% of our arm and bicep muscle is 40% of the arm.

If you want bigger arms, make sure you train triceps. The tricep is 60% of the arm because it has three muscles and the bicep has 2 muscles: long/short.

Let’s discuss the function of the triceps.

Triceps function is extending the elbow which means extending the arm. Arm extending is all depends upon the triceps. It helps our posture as well. Triceps help for the posture as well because of the straight arm. Like in biceps, flexion the arm and supination tricep is extending the arm.

Everyone wants to have great Triceps.

The best two exercises of triceps are rope pushdown and one arm cable side extension.

At first, I will tell you about rope pushdown. To begin with, your rope angle should be all the way up. Arms straight and elbows locked. Your back straight, chest up and shoulder blades should be back. When you are bringing the rope down, squeeze your biceps hard.

Do three sets of 10 to 15 reps.

And our second triceps exercise is one arm cable side extension.

We will do it in different variations. You need to extend your arm fully going with a maximum range of motion. You should lock your entire body. And with the help of the triceps, you need to pull the cable down.

The biggest benefit of doing exercise with one arm is that you can make better muscle mind connection with that particular muscle.

Do three sets of 10 to 15 reps.

These two exercises will help you to train all three head of triceps.

Rope pushdown exercise is for all three heads, long, medial, and lateral. Most people’s mistakes are that they don’t train medial head. They don’t know what are the exercises of the medial head, lateral head, and long head. If you don’t know that what exercise for this muscle, you will only know that exercise is for triceps that’s it.

But triceps have three muscles combination. If you want to see a proper definition, properly defined triceps then you need to train all three muscles. If you have a muscle mind connection with that muscle then that muscle will be sharper than other muscles. So, you have to make a muscle mind connection which is very important.

Exercises for the long head are like all overhead extensions, dumbell skull crushers, or barbell skull crushers. You should add bodyweight dips for sure. In bodyweight dips, you train both lateral and medial head but your long head is not training. But, above mentioned exercises are the overall muscle of the triceps; rope, and cable extension.

So, make sure you go all the way up and squeeze all the down which is very very important. If you are following any workout plan make sure two add those two exercises for the triceps.


As far as the elbows being to the side and tight shoulders down and back that’s gonna apply exactly the same for the triceps as well. Especially when you are doing the extensions and also it’s gonna be the tempo. You gonna go nice and slow on the content concentric contraction bring it down squeezing the triceps on the way down pushing. And then when you let it up for negative go nice and slow so, that way those triceps are controlling the motion on the way up as well.

So, you come down nice and slow up nice and slow just like that so it’s gonna almost gonna be the same as the biceps between the flexion of the elbow joint.


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