How To Identify Fake Supplement And Fake Products?

Actually nowadays everything in the market is fake you know that !!

It’s hard to find anything pure and original and especially non-purity is too much. You have to keep in mind when you purchase supplements. Actually, supplement sellers make fake products for the profit for which they can make more money and you know the quality is gonna be low grade.

The first point is Label and Packaging.

To make money, fake supplement sellers don’t care about the quality and packaging keeping the quality low. You know we could tell by looking at quality and packaging that this is a high-quality product because good companies and good brands always focus on “Quality & Packaging”.

The second point is Content Writing on Label.

When you purchase the supplement check out the label. You have to check if there is any spelling mistake. Fake sellers sometimes make spelling mistakes. But keep in mind and check the label and spellings because good companies and good brands never make spelling mistakes.

The third point is Beware of Big Thing Made in the USA.

Definitely, because 99% of supplements in the world are made in America and their manufacturing is in America as well. And in fake supplements don’t just look at the big catchy word “Made in the USA”. You have to check somewhere around the corner of the label there will be an address of some country written in small font. If there is something like that then don’t buy it.

The fourth point is Protection Seal.

Every supplement has two different kinds of protection seals. The first one is outside the cover which means before opening the lid. And the second one on top of the bucket, not just cover there should be a proper seal with “Protected Seal” written in it. So make sure when you buy any supplement from the market it should be sealed. Companies sealed it to block the air and moisture. So always buy supplements with a proper seal.

The fifth point is Mixability.

This is very easy for you to find the mixability because very few good products or brands have bad mixability. But their quality is really good. But if we talk about major brands like Dymatize, MusclePharm, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, etc. have very good mixability. If you are using your fav supplement for months or years and you know that its mixability is good.

But when you purchase this time and its mixability is not good it means there is something wrong with the supplement. It means that the supplement could be fake because if it has clumps and not mixing well then it means it doesn’t contain protein powder, it has soy powder or some other powder added by a fake supplement seller. So, always check the mixability.

The sixth point is Taste.

Now, this is very easy to judge because you know your favorite supplement’s taste. Again if you are using the same supplement for the last few months to years but if this time it tastes different that means that supplement is not good. That supplement is fake because there is something added to it. And when someone adds something to it then the flavor will change.

Fake supplement sellers mostly tap chocolate flavor because that is the most selling flavor in the market. You can change your flavor, you can try strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter, etc. There are lots of flavors in the market try to change your flavor.

Fake Ingredients that what they put in the Supplement.

So number one thing they put is Soybean Powder. They mix soybean powder instead of whey or mix half and half to make it fake. Eating too many soybeans increases the estrogen level in your body. Estrogen is a female hormone. The male hormone is Testosterone so if the female hormone estrogen increases in your body then it will have a Gyno problem which is a man’s boob. Fat surrounds the lower part of chest muscle tissues because of a lot of estrogen in your body.

An excess amount of estrogen reduces male hormone and you will have sexual dysfunction as well. So your chances of estrogen and sexual dysfunction are more in fake supplements.


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