How to increase your biceps size fast?

Firstly let me tell you about the bicep muscles. Bicep has two muscles called Brachii and Brachialis.

Brachii, which is our main muscle has two muscles; long head bicep and short head bicep. They are the front and inside parts of the bicep. The second muscle is the brachialis it is a very small muscle. They are outside part of the bicep.

The brachialis is a weakness of everyone because they don’t train brachialis muscle, they don’t know how to train it and how to define this muscle. If you see a lot of people have big arms but their brachialis muscle is weak. They don’t have a definition outside the biceps which is very important.

So, let me tell you first about the brachial long head of the bicep.

When you do barbell curl, dumbbell curl with straight curl then your main muscle long head of bicep is training. When your hand is inward then you are training brachialis outer bicep muscle. And after that, if your hand goes outside then you are focusing on inside muscle. So, there are three different angles to train biceps.

Learn about 21 sets.

In the “Twenty One” exercise, we are training three different ranges. The first is “Bottom half range”. In this range our arms are straight and we will do half seven repetitions (only half) its called the bottom half range. After that, we will do the next seven reps with “Top half range”. Remember to not move your elbows. After that “Full range” all the way down and squeeze all the way up. Contract your biceps at the top and stretch at the bottom mean “Full range of motion”.

You need to understand if you want to develop the front head- look at the length of the bicep you have to go all the way down and squeeze all the way up for the better peak. For the peak of the bicep, if you wanna build it, you have to squeeze all the way up. When you squeeze don’t move elbow forward, it’s the wrong way to squeeze your biceps. Squeeze it right there point the elbow downward.

Train your bicep with 21’s with the straight bar. We are training this exercise in 3 ranges, bottom half, top half, and a full range of motion.

First, your bar angles should be all the way down. Your form should be like this Chest up, Back straight, and Elbows locked then you should do seven repetitions in the bottom half range. Don’t move your elbows and do the bottom half curl with the help of your biceps. Then you should do the next seven repetitions in the top half range. Again don’t move your elbows, do curls with the help of biceps only. You have to squeeze your biceps on the top half range.

Finally, then you should do the next seven repetitions in a full range of motion. It means to curl all the way up and squeeze the biceps and go all the way down and stretch your biceps. Make sure your focus and connection should be with the muscle. Mind and Muscle Connection !!

You can add this exercise at the end of your bicep schedule around 2 to 3 sets !!!

This is one of the best exercises to train biceps. It’s the best way to force your muscle to grow. If you want to focus on brachialis use a close hand grip and you can feel the pump in the muscle. Close hand 21’s put a lot of tension on the outer part of the biceps which is the brachialis.

Keep In Mind !!!

Use the weight which you can control with good form. If your form is not right, you can’t control the weight, and just moving the weights won’t grow muscles. You have to lock your entire body so that way your biceps only work. Other muscles shouldn’t support during the exercise. When another muscle comes and supports the primary muscle then it takes over the main muscles. Growth of primary muscle will be less.

It’s a really bad way to train, make sure your form is always right and use the weight that you can handle properly.


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