How to lose weight with Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting

It’s basically when you don’t eat for a certain period of time throughout the day. There are several practices for fasting but I am going to discuss which works for most people. A lot of people like to fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8 hours and you can really eat whatever you want.

But basically, when you’re in this fasting period you’re giving your body time to adjust to the food that you ate. This also speeds up your metabolism. It’s also helping your body release fat-burning hormones which help in weight loss.

So, you’re really doing nothing different except eating at a different time. So, you actually end up eating fewer calories. You’re giving your body time to digest the food.

Things to keep in mind

Drink plenty of water

You really need to drink a lot of water while fasting. Try avoiding soda, coke, juices, sugary coffees because your body will be holding a lot of water weight. So, just play around with different things to make you drink more water and make it more fun for you. You can also try adding fruit !!

But once you start drinking water and you start cutting out those sugary drinks and things you’re gonna see how many calories that you were actually drinking. You’re gonna just see the weight loss. You will see a huge drastic change when you start drinking more water.

So, get some water and a good water bottle and do what works for you.

Cut your portions

Guys cut down the portion size of your food. Although you can eat whatever you want when you’re intermittent fasting better you decide to cut your portion down. Even when you are on intermittent fasting and eating on too much more calories than you need you won’t see a result.

Let’s say for example you would go through the restaurant and order a large meal. Do you really need that large meal? No, probably not so over time but you can order a small meal or kid’s meal just to find different ways to not eat more. Your body won’t need all that large meal. In the beginning, you will feel kind of hungry but try controlling cravings.

Later your body’s going to adjust to it. It’s gonna take some time you’ll get used to it, but trust me guys you will be fine.

Swap out foods

Start switching out different foods. Like I said you eat whatever you want but try to make healthier choices. For say if you are eating white bread try switching to brown bread. Instead of having sugary oz at Starbucks try drinking healthy smoothies.

Try making healthier options starting with the little things not completely cutting things out. That’s not realistic whatsoever just try to make healthier options. Incorporate different things into what you’re eating so that you won’t be missing out. So try finding different areas and like a food that you can swap out.

Just see what works for you and find just healthier alternatives.

Find a sport that you enjoy

You can find whatever works for you. You can do calisthenics, home workout, zumba, or yoga. I’m not gonna tell you to go to the gym because that’s not realistic. So find a sport.

Maybe you like to do I don’t know Pilates you like to do cycling whatever but go out and try different things. Working at home doing whatever is gonna make you happy and find something that you’re gonna stick with. Because if you don’t stick with it you’re not going to see any results.

So you want to find something that is fun for you. Make it something that you enjoy doing day to day. Just get active and get moving. I know it sounds so corny and so cheesy, but I promise it actually works.

What to drink during Intermittent Fasting ?!


It will not break your fast but when you are starting to drink plenty of water you will have to rush to the restroom frequently. But once you drink water for long enough your body will be used to it and you won’t have to go to the restroom as before. Another thing that you can have that won’t break fast is sparkling water. But make sure it’s zero calories sparkling water.

Black Coffee

I’m talking about black coffee only with no sugars, no sweeteners, and no creams. You can add sugar substitutes like stevia or to make it a little bit tastier you can add cinnamon and nutmeg. If this coffee is too much for you and it just gives you way too many jitters you can always have decaf coffee. And it’s also proven that coffee will also suppress your appetite.

So, if you are feeling hungry so go ahead and grab some black coffee.

Unsweetened tea

You can really have any kind of unsweetened tea whether that’s green tea, black tea, or oolong tea. You can drink any kind of tea that you like with zero calories. You can just make your own tea at home and drink while fasting.

So lastly, I just wanna let you guys know that this is a journey it’s gonna take time. You didn’t gain weight overnight. It’s going to take some time. There’s no quick fix. Trust me these quick-fix diets aren’t and not going to work.


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