How You Can Actually Gain Muscle from Chocolate

Would you find it hard to believe that chocolate can help improve muscle mass? In this article, we are going to explain how you can gain muscle from chocolate which means there is no need to forego your favorite snack. Chocolate has always been compared to a sinful diet. It has also been considered an ingredient that causes a variety of diseases such as teeth decay, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But in the last few years, research has shown how chocolate, especially dark chocolate has several beneficial health properties including how it can help you gain muscle mass.


Increases blood circulation and improves nitrate oxide production

Not everyone can endure heavy and long muscle building workouts; here is where epicatechin supplements stimulate vasodilation, leading to better blood flow, lower blood pressure, and better athletic performance. The idea of getting stronger muscle from chocolate works wonders.

Flavanols elevate nitric oxide levels by inhibiting the enzymes which break it. This creates a host of satellite cells that repair damaged muscle cells from high- intensity workouts. This becomes even more crucial as the person reaches an advanced level of age.


We gain more muscle from chocolates because dark chocolate varieties have an ingredient called epicatechin, which is one of the many chemicals found in cocoa beans called flavanols. Flavanols improve health and performance. The darker, less processed the chocolate is there are more chances of concentration of flavanol in it.

Epicatechin not only helps in developing more muscle from chocolate but also has many other health benefits such as reducing the symptoms of diabetes; it’s a strong anti-oxidant so much so that it can also reduce the chances of stroke and other heart diseases too. Dark chocolate and flavanols are available in supplement forms as well.

Improved muscle growth and muscle strength

Myostatin is a protein that regulates muscle growth and avoids Hypertrophy. There are no artificial means to control myostatin yet apart from anabolic steroids which we all know has bad side effects. Another way to get stronger muscle from chocolate is the increased production of follistatin. You can get this from epicatechin which lowers myostatin for increased muscle growth without any side effects.

Improves muscle endurance

Although it has not been tested and proven on humans yet, studies prove dark chocolate containing flavanol and epicatechin can greatly increase muscle endurance in animals. These experiments leave us all hopeful that endurance levels can be increased by muscle from chocolate if taken daily in regulated dosages. This is especially great news for all the athletes who are already undergoing pre-conditioning for this.

Suppresses appetite

Dark chocolates also have chemical compounds such as ghrelin which signals our brain that we are full and stop us from overeating. Excessive meal consumption can affect muscle growth and body fat. Therefore dark chocolate can lead to better weight management and muscle development.

The right dose
For the growth of muscles from chocolates, a daily dosage of 40-50-gms of dark chocolate is required by the body. This is enough to give an incredible pump to the body by the blood flow and nitric acid boost in the system. Dark chocolate is also good for bulking up since it’s high on calories and has healthy saturated fats.

The growth of muscle from chocolate is still a subject under great scientific scrutiny and research. If supplements of dark chocolate are being consumed, it has to balance the rest of the diet and nutrients where your dietician and doctors are the best to consult with. If the flavanol advantages as suspected are rightly proven to be correct, dark chocolate would be a tasty boon for the whole of mankind.

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