Omad 101 – One Meal A Day

OMAD Diet- An Effective Twist on Intermittent FastingDiets are not one-size-fits-all. Traditional diets consist of 3 large meals per day and weight loss diets encourage anything from many small meals to fasting for days at a time. However, some of us cannot follow such diets because we simply do not have the willpower or time. So, if starving yourself for long periods does not sound like the most pleasant route to losing weight, you may want to look into the OMAD diet (one meal a day diet).

What is the OMAD diet?

The OMAD diet uses intermittent fasting by allowing you to partake in one meal per day. Ideally, that one allotted meal should be consumed at the same time each day. That means that after a 23-hour fast, you have a 60-minute window in which to eat a meal.This dieting concept has been gaining popularity for those looking at new dieting choices. It also has individuals who swear by its ability to help control certain health problems and chronic diseases.

The Basics

Any diet you decide to try will have rules and limitations. The OMAD diet does as well. However, they are pretty simple to remember and follow making this diet an easy option to get used to long-term. Some of the basic rules are:

• Keep your eating on schedule- Most choose to have their one meal during dinner but it can be consumed at any 60-minute time period you choose as long as you stay consistent with that choice.
• No other calories may be consumed during the 23 hour fasting period.
• You may drink fluids during your fasting period but they should be calorie-free. Drinks like black coffee, water, and calorie-free beverages are allowed.
• During your one-meal, you may eat whatever you like as long as it is a single plate with appropriate portions.
• Though you may choose anything for your one meal, a healthy and balanced choice will give you the most benefit. Allowing poor food choices onto your plate can ramp up cravings and send you on sugar highs only to crash later.

Benefits of the OMAD diet

With so many diet options out there, what can the OMAD diet do for you and your health? Here is a brief list of benefits associated with the One Meal a Day Diet.

Weight Loss

For those looking for ways to lose weight fairly quickly, diets that use intermittent fasting can give you great results. Researchers believe this is due to improved digestion and better sleep patterns associated with intermittent fasting.


Many find that diets with too many rules and restrictions are too difficult to follow. Thus, they rarely reap the benefits because they aren’t able to hang in there long enough to see if it truly works. Worst, this leads to discouragement and sometimes even weight gain.

Health Issues

People who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes can benefit from intermittent dieting because it can not only help them lose weight, but it can also help lower insulin and glucose levels after eating, reduce their overall caloric intake, and in some cases, improve insulin sensitivity.

Less Restrictive When it Matters

It may be rewarding to get to that cheat day that some diets give you. However, it also may lead to overindulgence, and for many, it kicks cravings in that are insatiable making it impossible to even get to that special day. OMAD gives you a little cheat day leeway every day. This helps control cravings and sets you up for consistent success that does not ruin a week’s worth of dieting in a single day.With many diets, people are discouraged by too many rules and restrictions which makes them hard to follow. Counting calories or points can be tedious, especially if you are an on-the-go individual. Cheat days can ruin efforts and fasting too long can cause you to have mood swings and a foggy mind. The OMAD diet can give you a simple, alternative option that will allow you to reap the benefits of an intermittent diet without so many discouraging restrictions that you cannot keep up.


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